Digital Twins

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Digital Twin AI Supply Chain Planning Logistics Delivery Manufacturing Inventory

Optimate AI is planning automation software for modern supply chains

Designed to support complex decisions while getting out from operational hell


Easy-to-configure Digital Twin

A simple and declarative interface allows you to run your Digital Twin fast, without any special knowledge. Define your assets and operations, map your data flows to Digital Twin, and voilà!

Simulation-based decision support

Digital Twin is "playable" like a computer game. Consider possible changes, run simulations in a modified copy of your Digital Twin, and analyze the impact of your decisions. 

AI-driven planning and dispatching

Embedded scheduling algorithm outperforms 90% of experts in costs, throughput, and utilization by leveraging cutting-edge AI and Operational Research approaches. No PhD required to use.


Digital Twin AI Manufacturing Production
Manufacturing planning

Schedule optimal operations' sequences in your make-to-order or make-to-stock process while minimizing storage and raw materials/components costs and maximizing equipment utilization.

Using your Digital Twin, you can schedule maintenance, add, change, or remove equipment or even change the demand patterns. Then run simulations and compare metrics to analyze the possible impact of your decisions.

Logistics and delivery planning

AI automatically assigns orders to your fleet and riders while maximizing utilization and finding optimal routes. Minimize late deliveries, keep customers happy, and costs low. With Digital Twin, you can consider more complex conditions like workforce preferences in working time.

Play with all aspects of your business virtually to derive optimal decisions. Change maximum allowed weight carried or the demand patterns. Then run simulations and see what does it mean for your business.

Digital Twin AI Logistics Delivery
Digital Twin AI Picking sorting fulfillment
Picking and order fulfillment

Optimally and automatically schedule your orders, apply order batching when possible, plan your workers' shifts. And all these while keeping orders' lateness and operational cost as low as possible.


Change your warehouse's or dark store's layout in Digital Twin, run the simulation, and find how the changes affect your metrics. Consider changing the picking policy (like pick-by-order or zone picking) and, again, play it out virtually and see where it leads you.

Inventory planning

AI automatically finds optimal reorder points (ROP) and a lot-sizes (EOQ) that both minimize your stock and operational costs and satisfy all constraints (lead times, MOQ, base stock levels, etc.). Reschedule automatically if something goes wrong.

Play virtually with different replenishment and stock management policies, supplier contract changes, or warehouse configurations to consciously plan your business development or find an optimal reaction to sudden changes.

 Digital Twin AI Inventory planning

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